How I managed to cure my acne in one week!


I want to start by stating that I’ve always had skin problems since I became a teenager which I really thought would go away or at least get better once I grew older. But, alas, it’s been more than two decades and I am still dealing with acne issues despite just turning 35! It is true that genetic and environment are two major factors, but I’ve come to the conclusion, having used countless of OTC and prescription creams (refuse to take meds), that my diet plays a major role.  I’ve learned to cut back on certain foods that, although some doctors would refute this claim, I honestly believed were causing my acne.

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Never stop dreaming


Leaving Puerto Rico this time around was somewhat bittersweet. Prior to moving to New York City, I had lived in PR for almost 2 1/2 years to start an educational toy store. Despite the business becoming quite successful very early on and had the chance to promote my toys in different parts of the island (staying in hotels was the biggest perk), I wasn’t exactly convinced that PR would be my final destination. In search of better opportunities and in hopes of expanding my business, I decided that NYC would be my next stop.

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Top Five Reasons Why I Chose to Move to Madrid


In one week I will be moving to Madrid to become an Auxiliar de Conversacion. To say that I am freaking out right now is an understatement. However, I am at ease knowing that at least I have visited Madrid and know a bit about the city to take that leap, which I am beyond excited about!

So of all places I could have gone to teach English (and there are many!), why did I choose to do it in Madrid, the third largest capital in all of Europe? Mind you I have never been in Madrid for more than a weekend so life could be different as a local. Yet, I know there are tons more to explore and these are the reasons why I can’t wait to head over there! Continue reading “Top Five Reasons Why I Chose to Move to Madrid”

Moving Abroad: Packing Essentials

Image by Fodor's Travel
Image by Fodor’s Travel

Don’t you wish you could close your eyes, snap your fingers, and be at your destination in a matter of seconds? Not to mention, have everything you have ever owned, things you just can’t seem to get rid of, neatly in its place in a home big enough to hold all of your stuff? Well that, I have learned over my last four moves, is nearly impossible. Well quite possible, but way costly!

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Time to Pack…Again!

Image by Girl Gone International
Image by Girl Gone International

People often ask me why I move so much, why I just can’t seem to settle down in one place. Given my track record,  I shouldn’t be all that surprised that these questions comes up every time I move. Yes it is true that I have become somewhat of a nomad, having lived in a number of cities throughout the years like St. Thomas, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, Boston, London, New York City, and now Madrid.

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How to obtain a Spanish Visa


Obtaining a Spanish visa was by far the most excruciating experience (yes I cried a few times) of this whole process, but it seriously doesn’t have to be as long as you know exactly what documents you need and where you need to go once you obtain them. I don’t remember it being this difficult when I obtain my British Visa, but things must have changed in recent years.  Note that I applied through New York City and the Spanish consulates across the US do not share all the same requirements or procedures, so it is best to check your state’s Spanish consulates for specific and updated information.

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